Go There – Anthem

In 2014, we launched a new brand campaign with the simple tag line Go There. From the ends of the earth to the heart of the story, from the news down the street to the questions no one else is asking, CNN has always gone where no one else does. This is the Anthem spot that launched the campaign.

Go There – Locations

One leg of the campaign for many years was a “Locations” spot. We’d do a couple of these a year showing everywhere we go. 

Go There – Questions

A second leg of the campaign was showing how our journalists “go there” with the tough questions.

Go There – Individuals

The third leg shows where a single journalist and his or her team goes. Sometimes this is just one specific story, or a collection of stories. We still use this campaign leg today.

Why We Go

In order to refresh the Go There brand campaign, we created a kind of prequel. We wanted to capture the amazing spirit of why and how we go. And not just the journalist that travels, but the whole team that makes it possible for CNN to go. 

Go There – Andy and Anthony

To really showcase the CNN offering, we evolved Go There again to show that not only does our news coverage go there, but so does our long form content. 

Go There – Thank you

When Covid hit, CNN was everywhere we could be to help inform the world on the unfolding tragedy. But as much as our CNN team was risking infection and their health, it paled in comparison to those actually own the front line. 


Alicia Keys was also very touched by the front line workers. She actually called CNN to re-dedicate her new song to them. She had originally written the song about her mom, bur realized it truly represented the spirit of everyone risking their lives durning Covid. Alicia asked us if we would create a video and premiere it on CNN. So in just three weeks, we shot Alicia and edited together this video. A :60 cutdown ran for week on CNN as well. 

This is CNN

For 30 years, CNN has been producing five-second spots that show where we are in the world with the simplicity of a name, a location and “This is CNN.” We still turn about 30-40 of these spots a year. And when big news happens, we are able to turn all of that into a big brand spot. The invasion of Ukraine is the current illustration of why Ted launched this great brand and why the world needs CNN today more than ever.

Facts First

In the face of a White House accusing CNN of being “fake news,” bomb threats and death threats to our journalists and employees, we decided for our own morale, we needed to speak up. Our organization who had been working 24-7 from election season on was feeling run over and wanted a statement to make CNN proud for what it does. This is a summary of the launch.

Facts First – Covid

With misinformation spreading throughout the country around masks wearing and Covid, we evolved the Facts First campaign to make things as clear as possible. 

Facts First – Stamps

As voting in the 2020 election became more and more complicated, we evolved the Facts First campaign to help clear the confusion.

All in one Place – CNN Original Series

As our original series, long form offering continued to grow, we created this brand spot to capture how so many amazing talent and stories can be found at CNN.

The Bigger Picture – CNN Films

As our offering of CNN films, continued to grow, we created this brand spot, using Roger’s amazing words and voice to communicated what we strive for. 

Donkey & Elephant – CNN Politics

Heading into election season, we wanted to communicate that CNN is a place for all political parties. We wanted to show in a fun and engaging way that we don’t always agree, but we can all come together here at CNN.