The Lost Boy

A former troublemaker sits on Ohio death row for killing an elderly couple, while a desperate team of journalists, attorneys, and former law enforcement make the case for his innocence.

Tale of the Tape

After a Delaware store clerk is murdered, a local drug dealer confesses to the crime — but can what he says on tape be believed?

Predator or Prey?

There’s no doubt Terry Williams committed murder – but what drove him to kill?


Forensics By Fire

Did Daniel Dougherty commit murder by arson — or did the fire science used to convict him get it wrong?


Death On The Bayou

In Louisiana, a disabled teenager is sentenced to death — but the discovery of hidden eyewitness interviews casts new light on his confession.


The Wrong Gun

In Texas, a 17-year-old with a violent past is named the killer in a drug deal gone wrong — but a misidentified bullet could unravel the case.


The Hit That Wasn't

In Philadelphia, the brazen killing of a state’s witness leads police to an alleged hitman — but could the evidence against him be nothing more than smoke and mirrors?


Once Bitten, Twice Tried

Bite marks on a murder victim’s body twice lead to Ray Krone’s conviction — but the DNA evidence tells another story.