Forensic Files II Season 3 has something brand new for the growing ranks of true crime fans to see: 8 new half-hour episodes starting Sunday July 31st. The third season of back-to-back half-hour mysteries feature all new hard to solve cases cracked by amazing science. Settle in once again to the crime show famous for its gripping story style and its satisfying journey for justice.

Blanket Denial

A 24-year-old old criminology student who left a SoHo bar intoxicated is found raped, murdered handcuffed, gagged, and wrapped in a blanket alongside a desolate road in East New York, Brooklyn. Police investigate everyone at the bar to find the killer.


When a 79-year-old woman is found shot to death in her own home, investigators initially suspect her long-time husband and a violent neighbor with a penchant for threats.  But shell casings recovered at the scene and a high-tech database reveal the killer to be the last person anyone suspected.

First Impressions

A young single mother is abducted from a gas station and later found stabbed to death near an oil field.  Detectives use shoe and tire impressions to weed out numerous suspects to find their killer.

Toxic Environment

When a 23-year-old Marine collapses and dies, doctors initially believe a heart attack is to blame.  But when arsenic is found in some of his organs, prosecutors charge his wife with murder.  A quick-thinking attorney and toxicology testing uncover the truth and ensure that justice prevails.

Lost Connection

When an 18-year-old girl is abducted while talking on a pay phone, forensic evidence found on her clothing points police in the direction of a suspect who confesses that he didn’t act alone.

In Deep

A Los Angeles based kidnapping, ransom, and murder ring run by Russian immigrants is exposed when a pair of retired scientists use sonar equipment to locate its victims at the bottom of a reservoir.

The Telltale Marks

Patients at the VA Hospital in Clarksburg, WV, keep dying after experiencing shockingly low blood sugar levels. An investigation into their deaths reveals that an overnight nurse is injecting patients with lethal doses of insulin.

Tell No Tales

A 70-year-old, retired veteran is found dead on his boat after a bad sea storm. Investigators later discover he was killed during an attempted robbery after winning $400 in Keno.

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