LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy is a four-part CNN Original Series that offers a captivating look at one of the most consequential and enigmatic presidents in American history. Thrust into the presidency under tragic circumstances, LBJ used the office to pass the most significant civil rights legislation since Reconstruction. While managing to reshape the social fabric of the nation, he simultaneously escalated one of America’s most controversial wars, that subsequently overshadowed his domestic accomplishments. LBJ: Triumph and Tragedy examines the larger-than-life figure full of fascinating contradictions, that left behind a complicated and polarizing legacy.

Part 1: The Accidental President

After Lyndon B. Johnson becomes the 36th President of the United States during a national tragedy, he immediately uses the office to pass the most significant civil rights legislation in nearly a century.

Part 2: The Great Society

Emboldened by his stunning election victory, LBJ seizes the moment to pursue the “Great Society,” with civil rights struggles in Selma offering a unique opportunity to push his domestic policies forward.

Part 3: Under The Gun

Racing against the clock, LBJ pushes through the most productive legislative session in history, but he can’t outrun the deepening conflict in Vietnam.

Part 4: Final Days

LBJ makes an announcement that stuns the nation, hoping that peace in Vietnam is within reach. But when his efforts are stopped by a political rival, he retires still haunted by a war that will complicate his legacy.