Yoga Store Slaying

Lululemon employee Jayna Murray is found stabbed to death inside one of the company’s high-end Washington, DC yoga stores. Her co-worker is bound and bleeding in a back room. As different suspects emerge, evidence starts to point to someone on the inside. 

One October: Massacre on the Strip

Stephen Paddock lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Las Vegas. Gambling up to $1M a day, he was known as a ‘whale.’ Whatever he wanted—he got. But a trip to Vegas in October 2017 leaves 58 dead. See new evidence and untold stories and video in this episode. 

Summer Night Massacre

When 5 family members are found brutally murdered in the small Oklahoma city of Broken Arrow, police are on the hunt for a mass murderer. They just didn’t expect to make an arrest so close to home. 

Nightmare in Fargo

Savanna Greywind couldn’t wait to be a mom. But just before her baby is due, the pregnant 22-year-old disappears from her own apartment. When the baby turns up alive, but still no sign of Savanna, the investigation reveals a suspect close to home.

Secrets in Room 120

A mysterious tip leads police in Moore, Oklahoma to the Super 8 hotel. Inside Room 120, they find a missing teenage boy, a box of condoms, lotion—and a married state senator. 

Shark River Mystery

19-year-old Sarah Stern vanishes just before Christmas—her car found abandoned by Shark River. But the missing persons case soon turns into a homicide, and cops start focusing on a prom date. 


Shocking lies, deceit and bad behavior—all caught on camera.

Criminal cases are full of terrifying 911 calls, police interrogations, jail house recordings, body camera and surveillance videos. This series brings you riveting stories focusing on video evidence in criminal investigations and shocking courtroom testimony.


Sunday, 2/21

9p ET/PT – Yoga Store Slaying 
10p ET/PT – One October: Massacre on the Strip 

Sunday, 2/28 

9p ET/PT – Summer Night Massacre 
10p ET/PT – Nightmare in Fargo

Sunday, 3/7 

9p ET/PT – Secrets in Room 120 
10p ET/PT – Shark River Mystery