Poker Night Murder

Young mom of two, Kelley Stage, is found brutally murdered in her home after her husband returns from a night of poker. Her young child witnesses the crime and reveals shocking details to investigators.

Deal with the Devil

Young Colorado mom disappears Thanksgiving Day, last seen on grocery store surveillance with her baby. Police soon uncover a brutal crime scene at her home and also expose a twisted love triangle.

Horror in the Woods

Mom, Tina Herrmann, her 2 children and a family friend disappear. Her home reveals a gruesome crime scene suggesting dismemberment. The deranged killer hides the bodies in a place you would never believe.

Driven to Death

Barbara Kendhammer suffers fatal injuries after a heavy pipe impales the windshield of her car. But evidence at the crime scene tells a different story.

Nightmare Stepmom

10-year-old Zahra Baker survived cancer twice but lost her leg and hearing. When she disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night, investigators are puzzled by a ransom note left at the scene, but her fate is worse than imagined.

Murder, Fire & Marriage

Beautiful young mom of 2 perished in a raging house fire, but her autopsy reveals the cause of death was not asphyxiation but a bullet wound to the head. Forensics uncover the killer.


Shocking lies, deceit and bad behavior—all caught on camera.

Criminal cases are full of terrifying 911 calls, police interrogations, jail house recordings, body camera and surveillance videos. This series brings you riveting stories focusing on video evidence in criminal investigations and shocking courtroom testimony.