A young Norma Jeane, while showing talent and audacity, turns her back on her difficult childhood and puts herself on the radar in Hollywood as ‘Marilyn Monroe’.


Marilyn’s defiance about posing nude catapults her to stardom.


Determined to become a serious actress, Marilyn departs from Twentieth Century Fox to start her own production company.


Marilyn shows her mature talent as an actress and wins a triumphant victory over Twentieth Century Fox shortly before her untimely death.


Reframed: Marilyn Monroe is a four-part CNN Original Series that revisits the extraordinary story of a girl who sprang from nowhere to become the most famous woman in the world. Narrated by Golden Globe-winning actress Jessica Chastain and featuring a star-studded cast of female voices, the series re-examines Monroe’s story to uncover themes of feminism, sexuality and power that continue to drive the cultural conversation today.